Black Hat 2014 – Day 1

The first day has come and gone here at Black Hat 2014. It seemed the common theme for the briefing discussions was focused around the POS since the exposure from the Target breach. Amongst all the different variations of these discussins, it all came down to legacy deployment and slow progression of remediation and improvements to keep with the threats that continues to increase.

Aside to the briefings the Arsenal session continues to not disappoint. Many smart minds demonstrating their products as well as many ways to leverage the usage of existing open source tools.

This year SecureNinja hosted “Kazian 2.0″ another CT and I had an opportunity to participate with my son. It was definitely a full simulation of a CTF, but I was not prepared to get my mind in that state especially after a long day.

All in all the 1st day was very productive and let’s not leave out the after party events that is always a blast to attend.

On to day 2…..